Gonna make it happen

I’ve been on the go since August 2019. This may seem odd for those with a regular job, but for an opera singer, or any creative, it can be a long time between gigs.

In between gigs, I make my own work. Part of that is marketing, but also for me, a bigger part of that is creating cool experiences and dreaming of how opera can be done differently.

Other times I make work because it’s fun! And that’s necessary when on the go. The non-stop treadmill of intentional creativity can wear me down just as much as no work at all.

Here we are at the fulcrum of fun and progress. I need a break, a vacation.

This need leads my dreams toward Hawaii. We’ve had the good fortune to step up to some opportunities and earn a bit of money. Not a lot, but enough to make it close to possible to get ourselves to Maui. In the real trauma and horror of the pandemic music is a godsend.

Here’s my english version of Aloha Ohe, “Farewell to Thee.”

Put the bubbles on, Lawrence! This is one cheesy mofo. Even if I don’t get to the Islands (for the first time), Id just like to say buh-bye to 2020, the absolute worst year.