Goodbye, Mr. Chips

    Gordon Getty

    —Joanne Sydney Lessner | Opera News 

    "Nathan Granner was a winning & worthy Chips, credible at every age, conveying his emotions with a stirring tenor of equal parts metal and warmth. He projected strength, dignity, compassion, and joy."


    Joby Talbot & Gene Scheer

    —Heidi Waleson | Wall Street Journal

    "Granner’s poignant tenor expresses Rob Hall’s adventurous spirit, his sense of responsibility... and his love for Jan."

    I Due Foscari

    Giuseppe Verdi
    —Joshua Kosman | San Francisco Chronicle
    "Tenor Nathan Granner as Jacopo, sang with a sinewy, ringing tone and a splendidly flexible approach to the role"
  • La Bohème

    —Charles Donelan | Santa Barbara Independent

    "A gorgeous and beautifully sung production featuring some of the most exciting performances we’ve seen from the company.

    Nathan Granner’s electrifying Rodolfo occupied the center of the show’s Parisian universe."

    The Consul

    Timothy Mangan | OperaNews 


    " when a magician approaches the secretary to make his case, performs magic tricks and hypnotizes the assembled, is a wildly successful tour de force, which Nathan Granner made the most of here."

    La Bohème

    —Ilana Walder-Biesanz | San Francisco ClassicalVoice

    Nathan Granner wowed with tons of squillo on his top notes, honey tone, and sensitive dynamic choices, especially during “Che gelida manina” (What a cold little hand). His angst-filled facial expressions tugged at the heartstrings.

    Lucia di Lammermoor

    —James Falling | LA Weekly

    "Granner's "Edgardo takes on heroic stature in Act 3"

    Lucia di Lammermoor

    — David J Brown | LA Opus

    "...the challenge for Mr. Granner was considerable in having to refocus the audience’s attention, near the end of a longish evening, on the love-lost Edgardo’s tragic plight. However, he rose to the moment splendidly..."

    Invention of Morel

    — John von Rhein | Chicago Tribune
    ...a brilliant piece of musical surrealism

    "With his high, ethereal tenor, Nathan Granner conveys megalomaniacal suave as the Prospero-like inventor Morel ("Immortality is a holy grail!" declares this master of his machines)."

    Invention of Morel

    Stewart Copeland
    —Hedy Weiss | Chicago Sun-Times

    'Blind Love and Immortality 

    "There is Morel ... honeyed tenor Nathan Granner, just smarmy and egotistical enough as the “inventor” who is revealing his monumental discovery..."

    La Boheme

    Donald Munro | The Fresno Bee