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    Hello, friend.
    We've met, so the hard part is out of the way.

    This website is here to convey what I do

    and who I am.

    First and foremost

    I'm an opera singer.

    It's what I do.


    I am also a producing artist at heart.


    I love to create. My favorite medium is a hybrid of

    sculpture and performance art/installation.

    Basically, I build shows and events and develop

    arts oriented tech stuff (websites, musical inventions)

    and multi-media content.

    It is quite difficult being a
    full time opera singer

    & a producing artist. The balance is always skewed

    one way or another.

    This site is MOSTLY the opera singer part.

    here and there you'll find little sparks of umami

    spicing up the design. Giving you a little deeper

    insight as to who I am as an artist.

    Take a look around. If you have any questions...


    You Have My Card!